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The Power To Establish – Bishop Bernard Asare

Categories: Featured,Sermon

19th May 2012

Bishop Bernard Asare

Title: The Power to Establish

Text: Romans 16:25


The definition of Power is: the ability or capability to do something.

Jesus was given power once he was baptized. The Lord anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and Power consequently, Jesus was able to perform miracles and signs and wonders.

God”s power is the only great power. Every other power is insubordinate in comparison to that of the God we serve.

What makes God:God, is His power. Every power can be challenged. That of the Prime Minister, or our parents, But God”s power cannot be challenged because He is God.

It is with this power that God establishes. And when God establishes, nobody can question this establishment.


Five areas can establish you by His Power

1. God can establish You in the faith (In Christ Jesus)

Isaiah 54:14.

We need to firmly rooted in God to avoid us wavering in the world.

2.In business

3. In a family

Isaiah 51:1-2

4. In your health. Health is wealth.

5. Financially. The condition to receiving establishment in wealth: Remember the Lord Your God.

Deut 8:18


Bible References:

Psalm 62:11

Psalm 63:1-2

Deuteronomy 28:9–>Example of God establishing

Psalm 89:20-23–> Example of God Establishing David

Colossians 2:6-7

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Author: Monique_Summers